Built for Speed

Blazingly fast - used in mission critical enterprise business environments where high speed and utmost reliability is absolutely essential.

Production Ready

Tested and Proven in production clouds - where failure is simply not an option. Trusted by serious cloud providers to get the job done.

Extreme Resilience

Built using Erlang - designed from the ground up to recover from failure and run effectively in a fault tolerant distributed cluster.

No Dedicated Hardware

FiFo installs on regular SmartOS zones, running on standard compute nodes. There is no dedicated hardware or server roles needed.

Full Featured API

Every single operation, configuration and change is 100% securely supported by the comprehensive FiFo REST based API.

Distributed Data Storage

FiFo uses a distributed S3-API compliant large object data store. VM's can be effortlessly backed up, stored and re-deployed on any compute node.

Multi Data Center Ready

Supports Multi Data Center deployments. Built in powerful RBAC service allows fine grained control of customer and end user permissions.

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