Rapid Deployment

Hit the ground running with a fully configured Clustered FiFo Appliance, plug it in and you're Ready-to-Go.

Zero Worry - Fully Managed

Rest easy, knowing both the Hardware, Software and Clustered FiFo instances are Fully Managed.

Zero Resource Footprint

We provide the ZTC Appliance to ensure your FiFo deployment has no impact on your existing resources.

FiFo Zero Touch Cloud

The FiFo Zero Touch Cloud is a unique hybrid offering from the Project-FiFo team that combines a purpose built hardware appliance with a 100% managed service offering. In response to customer feedback, “Zero Touch Cloud” was developed as a comprehensive solution - purpose built to enable customers to focus on their core business while making it as simple as possible to run a highly available cloud.

ZTC Advantages

With FiFo ZTC, building a cloud becomes as easy as racking and connecting your hypervisors. “Zero Touch Cloud” lets you leverage the expertise and knowledge of Project-FiFo’s team, so that you can put the focus on where it should be - running your business.

Zero Touch Cloud, frees up your ops team to look after their core duties, while we take care of maintaining your FiFo installation. ZTC ships as a hardware appliance and therefore will not detract form your existing compute resources - making the most out of your hardware. All updates are scheduled to prevent disruption to your operations and to ensure that your FiFo Cloud is always up to date.

Exclusive Enterprise Features

“Zero Touch Cloud” includes exclusive enterprise only features. Things like DHCP/PXE boot which makes adding new compute nodes as easy as plug and play. New Audit log tracing means you never have to wonder who did what and when and ties into VM time accounting which allows for easy billing system integration.

Do you have users/customers that have predictable patterns or workloads? - then you will appreciate ZTC’s new ability to pre-warm datasets and virtual machines. This ensures that VM’s are already created prior to provisioning, so that customer machine creation is near instantaneous.

At FiFo, we care deeply about open source yet recognise the practical need for a commercial customer tier with enterprise only features to ensure sustained project growth. We retain these Enterprise features exclusively for our ZTC customers.

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Effortless Scaling

Zero Touch customers will only have to worry about their equipment, we'll take care of scaling the FiFo deployment to your requirements at no extra cost.

Actively Maintained

We actively monitor and update your FiFo deployment and take the necessary actions to ensure a smooth experience.

Exclusive Enterprise Features

We believe in Open Source, but some features are just not for everyone. Get exclusive access to the most advanced features we offer.

Get on with Business

Nobody knows your business better then you, we'll manage your FiFo so you can stay focused on what you do best.


The FiFo Zero Touch Cloud comes with a lot of advantages over running your own installation of FiFo while staying fully compatible with it.

  • Fully managed hardware and software for the FiFo ZTC cluster1
  • Quick rollout - a true turnkey solution, get a FiFo ZTC up and running within minutes once the hardware is connected.
  • Hassle free scaling, you just add Hypervisors and we will scale FiFo cluster accordingly.
  • 100% of your resources go to your business, there are zero additional hardware, warranty or support cost for the FiFo cluster.
  • Support for SmartOS, OmniOS2, and Oracle Solaris3 as hypervisor nodes.
  • The FiFo ZTC is fully monitored to alert us to any issue that arises, of course you still can create tickets
  • Your FiFo ZTC cluster will always be kept up to date with the latest patches and updates
  • Optionally we will keep encrypted offsite backups of the FiFo core data for disaster recovery.
  • Access to advanced enterprise features as they are added.
  • No one knows FiFo as well as we do, with FiFo Zero Touch Cloud the experts take care of the details for you.
  • Optional support for Tachyon and DalmatinerDB metrics from your hypervisors.

1) currently available in the US and Germany, 2) experimental, 3) coming soon

Prices as low as €0.70 per gigabyte of memory per month.
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